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tina yunho
28 August
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I m just ordinary women who love TVXQ and obsessed with Yunjae Couple! I like Jpop,Jrock!the only Kpop`s group that take my interest is tvxq (now tvxq jyj)

i love to reading good stories,yaoi manga,yaoi novel, fiction novel.
I am big fan of Lord Of the Rings and trilogy of Bartimaeus by Jonathan Stroud ( i really love the novel)
I love Harry Potter and collect all the novels even i am not a big fan of Harpot :), i mean I love Bartimaeus more XD

My fav actor = Stepen Chow and Johnny Depp
My Fav Movie = Lord of the Rings, Transformer, Star Wars, Pirates of carribean, Police Academic, and all Stephen Chow`s Movies :)

Music : i enjoy all kind of music as long its good to listen XD
My fav : TVXQ, L`arc~en~ciel

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